Why I Love Tape Extensions

Extensions, the best way to dramatically improve your appearance in a matter of hours. Hair is the first thing we notice and last we talk about. Strand-by-strand extensions have been the ideal meathd for a long time. Well done strand extensions (name brands like Hairdreams, SoCap, Great Lengths, and many others that you would or wouldn’t recognize) have been the gold standard since the early 2000′s. I have personally worn strand by strand since 2002 to make my fine and wavy hair thicker, longer, and more manageable. Those of you with fine hair know at while it feels the absolute softest of any hair out there, it is the worst at holding a style. Extensions have enabled me to keep a hairstyle (curled or sleek) for several days. As I am going on and on about how I love strand by strand extensions, specifically the Hairdreams I had been so faithful to, you must be wondering why I am saying I now love tape extensions. Well, for one thing, while I can do strands in a way that my clients can grow their hair out while wearing them, not everyone is as careful (and perhaps neurotic) about their placement. Tip: never let a person who is not wearing hair extensions do yours, they just don’t understand. After training many people to apply extensions, using myself as sir mannequin, my hair was not what it used to be. I had finally been successful in training my present assistant, and of course out the fear of God in him 🙂 My hair was improving again, albeit slowly, but I was back on track. Finding the 3-5 hours to switch out my strands was still an issue. Also, training someone to cut strands is a lot more difficult than training them to install them. Poorly cut strands look like spaghetti, not good. So I was sitting there Forever and then spending days fine tuning my hair cut. It’s not easy to cut your own hair…even if you know how….so please ladies, don’t try at home! Enter tape extensions: they can be installed very quickly and removed very quickly. Less blending is needed when they are shaped. I love this about them! They have made my life easier and I feel less obligation to a hairstyle because I can change it easily. Yay Tape!!