Tattoo Removal

Gloss proudly uses the Tattoo Vanish Method to naturally remove tattoos. Our non-laser tattoo removal system removes any and all colors of inks and pigments with reduced chances of scarring, fewer number of treatments, and produces with far better results than other tattoo removal methods, even laser. Why? Laser tattoo removal, while a great option, can only successfully treat a limited range of colors, leaving other colors (such as anything with white in it) virtually untouched. Our method removes ALL colors, including the most exotic hues and pigment blends! Laser removal of tattoos can pose many risks associated with the types of ingredients used in manufacturing a pigment color. Removing tattoos with a laser creates a tremendous amount of heat generated towards the ink pigment molecules, which is literally exploded into tiny fragments, this potentially allows the release dyes and/or chemicals into the bloodstream. Some chemicals and dyes are considered dangerous and toxic, a good reason to avoid expelling them through the body, and a great reason to use organic tattoo removal. Laser obliterated fragments of pigment have been known to get trapped in the body’s lymph nodes and liver! There is reason for concern that these by-products could cause health problems later in life. Our process is an escharotic technique which means it solely relies on the body’s natural healing response to reject the ink or pigment from the body in the form of a scab. A safe and healthy alternative!