Wish your lip liner or lipstick would last all day? It can! Would you like a professional and artistic opinion regarding the appearance of your lips regarding how permanent cosmetics can help your lips have a more symmetric and fuller appearance? Save money and help the environment by having beautiful lips, all the time! Have the inviting natural coloring you had when you were younger!

Permanent Cosmetic Lip Liner Is For You!

A natural appearing cosmetic lip liner can be applied to:

Add becoming definition
Correct asymmetry
Achieve a fuller appearance
Help prevent lipstick from bleeding
Minimize the appearance of wrinkles
Full lip color can be applied in either a natural hue or a vivid one. You may wear your permanent lip color alone in a natural tone or apply different shades of lipstick over your permanent lip color for those occasions when you prefer a more dramatic look–you will find that the color lasts much longer when applied over permanent cosmetic lip color than it did to a bare lip.