Extensions Care Instructions

Hair Extensions Care Instructions

Now that you have that gorgeous hair, what should you do to maintain it?

First off, since your extensions are not connected to your scalp, they aren’t provided with its natural conditioning substances.
Properly formulated care products specifically address this lack of natural conditioning and nurture human hair extensions. We will inform you of which products are best for you and we must see that they are purchased to guarantee your extensions for the wearing period we expect.

Follow list below faithfully and you will have a Very Happy Hair Experience:

·  Hand sort extensions with your fingers from the roots to the ends daily.

·  Carefully brush your hair with the special hair extension brush every day.

Always hold on to the roots of your hair with one hand while brushing.

·  Be sure to brush gently through bonds to help shed hair turn down and make tidy cuts easy.

·  Thoroughly brush your hair with the extension brush before washing.

·  Apply shampoo concentrating on the roots. Scrub gently and do not rub.

·  Rinse your hair thoroughly from top to bottom.

·  After washing, sort through your hair and bonding points with your fingers.

·  Apply the recommended conditioning treatment and carefully press it into the hair concentrating on ends. Do not rub the hair.

·  You may use serum as an additive to your conditioner to provide extra shine and thermal protection.

·  Leave conditioner in for about 5 minutes – for extra deep conditioning use mask and leave it in for up to 20 minutes.

Avoid putting conditioner on bonding points.

·  Leave-in conditioning treatment is also fantastic for nourishing the porous ends…especially for more fragile blonde hair.

You may use serum as a finishing product as well.

·  Always blow-dry first the bonding points on warm setting, then your strands if you wish to.

Caution: Extreme heat can dry and damage your hair. Avoid high ponytails first month of wearing strands.

Beauty, Sleep and Swimming

Always tie your hair together loosely in a scrunchee or put it in a braid before you go to sleep. Same when exercising, or riding in a convertible. When swimming, saturate with leave in conditioner and tie your hair into a braid. After swimming gently undo your braid, carefully sort it then dry bonding points with a towel.

Tidy Cuts

Every 4-6 weeks you should come to the salon for a tidy cut. During this cut we trim shed hair away from the bonding points. This keeps your
extensions flowing freely. Tidy cuts also make your removal fast and easy on your own hair. The importance of tidy cuts cannot be stressed

In short: Hand sort daily, brush daily, tie up when sleeping/exercising/swimming, use proper conditioner, keep bonding points dry, see us every 4 weeks for your tidy cut. Easy! Now enjoy your fantastic hair!