We can do your eyeliner even better than you can???

The thought of waking up with eyeliner on might seem too good to be true to some, but it’s not only possible, but with semi-permanent makeup your eyeliner can look even better than if you did it yourself. Why? When applying your own eyeliner it usually is difficult to make clean straight lines with your pencil. Typically you are going right above the lashes, while when we apply your semi-permanent makeup eyeliner we start actually in the rows of lashes. We are also able to either stay very subtle and natural by just defining your lashes (excellent for men! invisible way to take 10 years off) or add a little custom color to bring out your eyes, or a perfect shape which can make the eyes look more uplifted, awake, and larger when necessary. We also can make these lines as even as possible which is hair to do at home since most people are better with one eye than the other (this has to do with being right or left handed and the angle in which you see your face). We can look at your features objectively and correct any asymmetry with our design. After the service you will always have this foundation of a great definition and flattering color and shape and if you want to be more dramatic for an evening out you can use traditional makeup to add to the look.

So Beautiful So Natural!

Why are husbands hesitant to let their wives get semi-permanent makeup, specifically eyebrows?
Well, it’s understandable because they equate semi-permanent makeup with the infamous blue eyebrows seen on elderly ladies or the Latina sperm-shaped arch. This is the only permanent makeup they have “seen.” Reason: good semi-permanent makeup is never seen! Our semi-permanent makeup, looks so natural that no one notices it. We strive to help educate people, so that they will understand that semi-permanent cosmetics are beautiful, natural looking, and virtually pain-free.